What is a QR Code?

QR Code stands for Quick Response Code. QR Code is a 2-dimensional (matrix) barcode. QR Codes are used to encode information: text, URL, phone numbers, business cards, etc. You can easily scan QR Codes by using mobile phone with appropriate software.

Examples of QR Code reader applications:

Why are QR Codes important?
Users can quickly scan QR Code using mobile phones and bookmark decoded information. It is very simple procedure, just point your mobile phone camera to QR Code.
Why is it important to add QR Code to your website?
Because you will get more visitors. People are not forced to remember your website URL address when there is a QR Code. They will just scan the QR Code. This is mostly important when the user is not at his/her PC. It is also good idea to give individual QR Codes to different pages of your website. That way users will be able to bookmark exact webpage they are interested in. PageQRCode.com gives you ability to add QR Code to your website/webpage by simply copying the HTML code. This is much more convenient than creating QR Code images yourself. The HTML code will detect website/webpage URL automatically and encode it into the QR Code. You can also specify URL address manually.

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